The Final Countdown

We're leaving together, But still it's farewell And maybe we'll come back, To earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame We're leaving ground Will things ever be the same again? It's the final countdown... We're heading for Venus and still we stand tall Cause maybe they've seen us and welcome us all With so many light years to go and things to be found I'm sure that we'll all miss her so.


When light goes down, I see no reason For you to cry. We've been through this before In every time, in every season, God knows I've tried So please don't ask for more. Can't you see it in my eyes This might be our last goodbye Carrie, Carrie, things they change my friend Carrie, Carrie, maybe we'll meet again I read your mind, with no intentions Of being unkind, I wish I could explain It all takes time, a whole lot of patience If it's a crime, how come I feel no pain.

Rock The Night

I've gone through changes I've gone through pain But there's not enough reason for me to go insane I know the feeling, when it grows I'm in a rage up from my head down to my toes. You know it ain't easy Running out of thrills You know it ain't easy When you don't know what you want. Rock now, rock the night 'Til early in the morning light Rock now, rock the night You'd better believe it's right. I know my limit Just what it takes When things ain't good enough I just pull the brake Sometimes it's easy Sometimes so tough But just have one thing clear I can't get enough.

Let The Good Times Rock

You say that you want me I hope that you do Cause tell me just where I would be in this world Without someone like you When you say that you need me Like only you can Oh baby you don't really know what you've done To the heart of this man So baby tonight we will celebrate And talk of the times til it gets real late Yes baby tonight we'll appreciate Just what we've got So let the good times rock Oh when you squeeze me And say that you care There's nothin' I know that could drag me away When that feelin' is there Oh the way that you move me And makin' me feel Well I could have sworn that I lived in a dream If it wasn't for real Oh baby tonight we will celebrate...

Sign Of The Times

When the word is out from the other side She turns around Cause day and night she's waited patiently Now a different kind of world out there Is to be found It's over now for everyone to see This is the way it's meant to be It's the way that we make things right It's the way that we hold on tight I know, it's the sign of the times It's the way that we make things turn It's the way that we live and learn I know, it's the sign of the times It wakes him up, he turns around And now he's gone He's been waitin' for this moment desperately Now the time is right, he's turnin' back He's going home Yeah it's over now for everyone to see This is the way it's meant to be It's the way we make things right... And everytime it's on my mind I feel so insecure It worries me to end up here alone But everytime I realize I need her more and more I'd never make it on my own It's the way we make things right...


Keep on walkin' that road and I'll follow Keep on callin' my name I'll be there And if a mirror should break it's easy to take Cause deep down I know that you care I'm not superstitious I'm not superstitious, I have no doubt That there's a reason, how things turn out While things are changin' from day to day I'll keep this feelin' with me all the way And I want you to know That you're on my mind Every day, all of the time So keep on walkin' that road and I'll follow... There might be times of wonder When I'm on my own Tryin' to find out if love has gone It might make a difference It might bring me down But no superstition is gonna turn things around And I want you to know... So keep on walkin'... So keep on walkin' and we'll make things right Yeah, keep on dreamin' each and every night We're gonna make it, that's what we'll do Right to the end girl, we're gonna walk on through So keep on walkin'...